• Acnes Creamy Face Wash
  • Acnes Clear and Whitening Wash
  • Acnes Icy Cool Face Wash
  • Acnes Foaming Wash
  • Acnes Powder Lotion
  • Acnes Sealing Jell
  • Acnes Medicated Point Clear
  • Acnes Anti Bacteria Patch
  • Acnes Nose Pore Strip
  • Acnes Oil Control Cleansing Sheet
Acnes Mentholatum was formulated by Rohto Pharmaceutical Japan & Mentholatum Company. Its philosophy is to create skincare that is steeped in acne expertise yet accessible by all. The motto is to build clear, healthy skin to inspire confidence within oneself.
Mentholatum Division
DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd
108 Pasir Panjang Road
#04-09 Golden Agri Plaza
Singapore 118535
+65 6634 3472

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